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These are RPG news feeds from around the web, brought to you by Twin Rose Software. Official Wizards of the Coast news can be found here.

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Syndicated RPG & Fantasy News Feeds
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[Blackdirge Publishing] Blackdyrge's Templates: Abominable released
Battlestar Galactica RPG Debuts at Gen Con Indy!
Hobby Games: The 100 Best Author List and Editor Interview
Heyoka Studios Unearths the Bloodsucking Undead
[Devils Workshop] The True Arcane Story: Boots of Striding and Springing releas
Dragonlance Movie Trailer Premieres at Gen Con Indy
Sabertooth Games Previews New UFS Cards
Pimp My Paladin!
L5R: Emerald Empire on sale at Gen Con Indy!
[LPJDesign] Hostile Environment 2 released

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Goodman Games at Gen Con 2007
[Devils Workshop] The True Arcane Story: Boots of Striding and Springing releas
[LPJDesign] Hostile Environment 2 released
Blackdirge Publishing releases Blackdyrge's Templates: Abominable
[LPJDesign] Lexicon Chronicles: Realm of Kaga released
PCGen 5.12.1 RC1 released
[Devils Workshop] Power Unleashed updated and released for Superhero OGL &D20
New Dungeon Crawls From Goodman Games
[Devils Workshop] The True Psionic Story: Amulet of Catapsi released

d20 Magazine Rack - Are you game enough?
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Do you know the way out... right?
0one Gameshave released Øone's Colorprints #5: Sewers BelowWhich sort of dangers hide in the sewers? Where is exactly located that damned thieves hideout? Where is the temple devoted to that filthy deity? Where is that underground smugglers dock? And, finally, how can we do to avoid becoming hopelessly lost in that damned sewers maze? Find it in Sewers Below!Can be assembled in a 17x22 inches map, in different configurations!Sewers Below presents four color maps you can arrange as you wish to form a larger map. You can event print more than one copy of the same map in order to obtain a bigger map.This Colorprint contains the following sewer-themed maps:The MazeThe HideoutThe TempleThe DockFind out more hereDownload a free map (Tomb of the Shadow King) hereBrowse other Colorprints hereThis product is available (or it will be soon) also at the following online retailers:http://www.yourgamesnow.com

Hot Pursuit: The Definitve d20 System Guide to Chases
By John Grigsby, Staff ReviewerAvailable as a PDF and print version through Initiative RoundHot Pursuit: The Definitive d20 SystemGuide to Chasesis a d20 Systemsupplement from Adamant Entertainment. This 40-page PDF is penned by Corey Reid and features line art by Jupitermedia Corporation. Hot Pursuitretails for $6.50 as a PDF.The PCs have just come from talking to their contact in San Francisco and are on their way to the next thrilling location when they are spotted by Dr. Yes’ thugs. Our heroes make for their vehicle and roar out of the parking area, the bad guys close behind. The heroes have a slight lead, but the enemy agents have called in some friends. From a narrow alleyway on each side of the avenue, a black jeep emerges, carrying three heavily-armed men…read more

July 13, 2007 (SEATTLE) — As part of its continuing celebration of the fifth anniversary of the HeroClix® collectable miniatures game (CMG), WizKids Inc. announces the “STARRO Attacks” world event. Beginning in September and spanning five weeks, the “STARRO Attacks” event is one of the largest events ever offered for the DC HeroClix line. STARRO the Star Conqueror itself is the top prize for the ultimate winners of these events.In an effort to conquer Earth, STARRO the Star Conqueror released psychic clones that attach themselves to their victims’ faces. For this event, STARRO takes control of four JUSTICE LEAGUE members, which have been created specially for this promotion as participation prizes for players. The event will take place at select retail locations more

July 23, 2007 (SEATTLE) — WizKids Inc., creator of runaway hit games like the HeroClix® CMG and the Star Wars™ PocketModel™ TCG, announced today its agreement with Disney to produce the Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean PocketModel game. The game will release in October of 2007.Under the agreement, WizKids will be able to use content from all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The PocketModel game platform allows players to construct 3-D pirate ships from pieces punched out of a styrene card. Players are then able to use movie characters and action scenes on cards to help control the strategy of the more

Some of you may have heard me mention my STEEL & STEAM campaign setting, which takes place on a Victorian Earth very similar to the one we know from history. The exception is that magic, though faded, never really left the world. I was recently inspired to run Expedition to Castle Ravenloftas a True20adventure (I’ve really come to like True20 of late), but I wanted a unique twist. I chose to set the adventure in STEEL & STEAM, making a few changes where necessary. To that end, I also needed to convert my entire campaign setting over to True20. I’m still working on that aspect.As I progress in making the conversions, I’ll post what I have here, so that you can follow along. If you find it worthy of comment or praise, please chime in. And if you find it worthy of using in your own campaign, all I ask is that you credit me where more

Who's going to Gen Con and do we want to meet up?
It's time for the yearly sound off for Gen Con in terms of who is going and whether or not we want to meet for breakfast or dinner again. So who's going this year? I'll be there as far as I know (assuming the chemotherapy doesn't stop me cold).

SEP Announces Albenistan: Election Day
Sword's Edge Publishingis proud to present a further adventure from the Albenistan series. Now it's time for Albenistan: Election Day.The Umarov government is finally meeting some of its promises, and a general election is imminent. No one believes the promises of a free and fair election, though most make comforting noises. The nationalist extremists known as Holy Motherland Albenistan have promised to do what they can to derail the elections. The international monitors have arrived, intent on seeing the government keep its word. Security has arrived as well, intent on seeing the HMA can't keep theirs. In the middle of this, one of the few non-violent reform politicians is ready to cast his vote in a particularly dangerous section of Khorforjan, a particular dangerous city. And who gets called in to provide security? That's where you come more

[TLG] Castles &Crusades® Players Handbook, 3rd Printing now available
LITTLE ROCK, AR July 16, 2007 – Now Available Castles & Crusades® Players Handbook, 3rd Printing. Written by Davis Chenault and Mac Golden Castles & Crusades is a rules light, table-top fantasy role playing game. The Players Handbook retails for $19.95 and brings all the core rules of the game to the table. Easy to learn and fast to play, Castles & Crusades is the game for those who enjoy tales of high adventure and epic fantasy. Castles & Crusades has an easy to learn attribute-based rules system that allows players to choose among 13 archetypal character classes and 7 races to create their characters. Spells, equipment, fast-paced combat rules, and all essential information needed for the players of Castles & Crusades is in this more

Dare you land on this island? ... yarr ...
Discover the Pirate Island a brand-new blueprint from 0one Gameshitting the (electronic) shelves today! Also, if you don't have a ship for sailing to the island just get the Pirate Ship Blueprint.Nobody knows where the pirate island is. Some old seawolves tell that the island is permanently surrounded by a dense fog allowing only ships provided by a special, magical, compass are able to sail to it.The island itself is very small and it is home to pirates from centuries. Only one bay is suitable for large ships and it has a very small entrance. Moreover, one who doesn’t know the underwater surface may hit dangerous dry ends. Just beside the bay there is the most renowned inn of the seven seas: the Drunken Skull Inn, where a colorful crowd of pirates, buccaneers and any sort of sea scum get together late at night.Visit the Pirate Island HEREJump aboard of the Pirate Ship HEREBrowse other blueprints HEREread more

The Mountain Witch
By John Grigsby, Staff ReviewerInitiative RoundThe Mountain Witchis an independent role-playing game from Timfire Publishing. It is presented as a 148-page softcover by Timothy Kleinert and featuring color and black-and-white artwork by W. Don Flores. The Mountain Witchretails for $24.00.Somewhere on the slopes of Mt. Fuji lurks the dreaded O-Yanma, the Mountain Witch. A group of ronin are hired for the simple, yet terrifying task to kill this menace. But regretful pasts and dark fate conspire against the mission, testing both the loyalty and courage of the samurai. When every heart holds betrayal, who can you trust?read more

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