March 13, 2004

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  Monster Templates Gone?    hits: 11
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Ok, so I've "upgraded" to the new CSX version and want to port over (read re-enter)my pre-existing beasties, plus make new ones.
However, I've yet to find a way to "use" a template for creating new creatures based on pre-existing ones. This was one of the strong points about CS that I've truly enjoyed.

I don't relish the idea of having to manually add all the template information for each creautre I want to use the fiendish, dahmpir, lycanthrope, etc templates on.

Is there a way to use one of the creatures as a template (without overwriting it) for a new creautre?

Unless I'm a total dingus, I haven't found any way to use a created template or base creature as a template.

I like the new editing features, but the lack of the ability to use a template hurts.

FYI: CSX Version 03.10.09a Developer

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