November 28, 2004

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  Did We Receive a C&D?    hits: 472
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We've fielded this question we don't know how many times over the last couple of days. No, we did not receive a C&D or as PCGen described it, a discussion or talking to.

Do we know who received the C&D's? No. We just know about PCGen like the rest of you. I suspect that's the one everyone knows about because of it's wide user base.

Are we going to receive a C&D? Highly unlikely for several reasons. For one thing, we've been working with Wotc all along and still are. We've been carefully following the licenses and were VERY careful about how the software was structured and how it runs.

Will Wotc find problems with Campaign Suite? I doubt they will find anything that requires more than a quick bug fix unless they change the licenses significantly.

How can I say all this with confidence? I know the software. I know the licenses. And any problem we think we have we tend to tell Wotc up front.

As an official statement, no we aren't jumping up and down about PCGen's C&D though we are actually happy Wotc is sending out C&D's on software. The reason is that we've worked very hard to be compliant with the licenses. And the more software out there that is compliant, the better. We're also happy that Wotc is taking these steps because the end result may be some clarification to the licenses. Wouldn't that be nice?

I don't know what PCGen is going to do. I can only hope that they fix what needs fixing and stick around. The corrections they need to make will likely take longer than 30 days. That's just the nature of software. We wish them well.

Dee Peterson
VP Operations
Twin Rose Software
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