November 26, 2004

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After much heated debate among ourselves over the last six weeks, we at Twin Rose Software are publicly announcing that we are dropping the D20 logo from our software program, Campaign Suite. We will, however, continue to be OGL v1.0a compliant.

There are several reasons for doing this at this time.

First and foremost, we are preparing to go to the retail market. Have you ever tried to get all the legal phrases required by the license on a CD cover without it BEING the cover?

Seriously, the development plans for the project have always included movement into the area of complete village/town/world generation. That part of the project can't really be done well and still fall under the d20stl. We've known that from the start more than two years ago.

We at Twin Rose are dedicated to bringing the best possible tools to you that we can and will not sacrifice the quality of the products for a logo, however enticing the logo might be.

The future tools on the drawing board exceed the scope of Campaign Suite and the world generators already mentioned.

Also, there are a lot more products out there that aren't d20 products but are certainly capable of being handled by Campaign Suite.

Some of those are simply different gaming systems.

There are also entire RPG worlds created by various publishers that do not bear the d20 logo. Many of these would require us to work out a separate licensing agreement with each publisher and that agreement would likely not be able to coexist with the d20stl. As such, our product would not be able to bear the logo even though it is still capable of handling d20 data at the same time.

So to be able to make a better product with expanded capabilities and include more data for our users, we're removing the logo.
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