December 25, 2004

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From the makers of the Campaign Suite RPG Management software comes a complete character generation tool for the worlds most popular role-playing game. The Campaign Suite Player's Edition is 100% compatible with all existing Campaign Suite data files - such as those available for download, or those created by Game Master's using the Campaign Suite developer. Complete with races, feats, and classes from the core SRD, this product can be stand alone without the need for downloading other, existing data files.

With an instant character generation wizard, you can create characters in moments, and then customize to taste with our several-page, easy to understand editor. You can roll or assign ability scores, customize the generation process, and much - much more. Complete statblock exports, a customizable character sheet export, and a built-in printout lets you view your characters in a variety of ways. All of your characters notes, from hair color to place of birth to a history journal of her exploits can all be managed quickly and easily.

More details can be found below.
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*  Campaign Suite - Player's Edition Chris Johanson Jan 10, 2003 14:56 MST

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