December 25, 2004

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Expected May 10th, Campaign Suite will come with a free, alternate configuration file that brings Modern character generation to the Campaign Suite RPG Software. With this, comes instant characters and NPC groups to help spice up your Modern Campaign - or to create new Player Characters "on the fly." Equipment, skills, feats, occupations, basic and advanced classes, and more brings a whole new dynamic to Campaign Suite and brings many of its features to the limits.

What is Campaign Suite?
Campaign Suite is an RPG Management tool, largely utilizing the Open Gaming License 1.0a that revolutionized the gaming industry. Data files from a large number of games are available or under development, bringing a wide-range of genre's to this management tool. Campaign Suite is designed as a play-aid for game preparation - speeding up the process of PC Generation, random NPCs, encounters and much more. It has a complete, editable database that lets gamemasters, referee's, and players customize their rules. A lite version, Campaign Suite Player's Edition, is available for player's alone for under half the price. Campaign Suite is expected to be available at better Game and Hobby stores by the end of the month.

What is Twin Rose Software?
Our mission at Twin Rose is to make the best in gaming software. To meet this lofty goal, we are dedicated to bringing fast and timely customer service, working with our customers and users to help them find their needs. We work closely with a number of publishers, and create expansions and do the data entry - saving our customers time and effort. We work for your games.

Will this work with other Modern products?
Campaign Suite's editors ensure that you can work with any product to bring it to the game - even standard fantasy expansions. You can look forward to "The Modern Player's Companion" from The Game Mechanics to supplement this Modern expansion very soon. You can learn more about the Modern Player's Companion at:
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