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September 19, 2003

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I am currently about 75% complete with converting the Campaign Suite database over to XML. The program will, of course, automatically convert existing datafiles, including: CSC, Campaign, Creature and character files. At the time of XML release, I suspect, will be the release of 3.5 - the data entry is nearly complete, except for creatures, which is (sadly) going to take some time. That's a lot of creatures, and a lot of overhauls. But soon!

The next expansion soon to be released is the Midnight Campaign Setting file, and we'll have a sub-page for the Modern Player's Companion file (available at Modern Player's Companion 2 is nearly complete as well - and the work with Expeditious Retreat on "A Magical Medieval Society" is beginning.

Below, I've listed all the conversions Campaign Suite (in beta form) do of CSC data files to XML:

Stat names, abbrevs, and how modifiers are determined.
Save names, abbrevs, and stats
General character affects
Notes (Credits, Game Rules, etc)
Classes (Each class has a seperate, referenced file, to make adding new classes VERY easy)
Custom Points
Pointbuy tables
Custom tables
Custom charts
Character List Generation rules

Still to go:
Magical Items
City/Town/Manor/Economy Generation

File menu management will be changed to fit whether you are opening an XML or CSC file, but saving will be replaced completely with XML. There will be automatic directory management - all your class files will go into a sub-folder titled after the name of the xml/csc file you opened.

Creatures, too, will be stored in seperate files and can be picked based on 3.0, 3.5, modern, or custom versions - and mix and matched.

Chris Johanson
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