December 31, 2006

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  101 Feats for CSX Now Available    hits: 952
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Ronin Arts' Popular 101 Feats for Campaign Suite Extended is now available.
Includes all feats and integrates them smoothly into your existing Campaign Suite
Extended Configuration.

This expansion is designed to be imported into your 3.5 Revised Configuration for
Campaign Suite Extended, or any custom configuration of your own design.
Installation of this Expansion is automated, no programming required to import it
directly into your own custom configurations, or the existing 3.5 configuration.
Descriptive text of feats not included.

This character, monster and NPC expansion requires:
Campaign Suite Extended version 05.11.13 or higher
101 Feats
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*  101 Feats for CSX Now Available Chris Johanson Jan 26, 2006 20:05 MST

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