January 11, 2005

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Twin Rose Software in cooperation with Bastion Press is pleased to announce the availability of the largest and most extensive data expansion for Campaign Suite yet, Arms & Armor. And the best part is....IT'S FREE!

* Over 450 weapons, armor and magical items with affects to stats, attack rolls, skills and more
* Automatic adjustment of AC depending on what your character is wearing
* Extensive notes
* Optional Rules for Armor
* Optional Rules for Weapons
* New Materials
* Martial Constructs

With this information at your fingertips, it's just seconds away from inclusion in your campaign world!

This expansion uses more features of Campaign Suite than any other current data expansion. Download a copy just to learn different ways to handle information when adding your own data to the program.

Download the Arms & Armor Data Expansion Here!

Want More Information? Click Here!
Want the sourcebook? Click Here!
Download CS Trial Here!
Purchase Campaign Suite Here!
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*  Free Arms & Armor Data Expansion Dee Peterson Nov 08, 2002 05:53 MST

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