May 24, 2006

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Forgot to tell you that we're now ICRA labelled. This update was done last week and a link has been placed in the footer to allow you to read information about it You're probably sitting there scratching your head and wondering 'What's ICRA labelled?' Well, here is the link to it... ICRA

In short, we've voluntarily labelled the site so that parents can set browser filters to only allow sites that are labelled in a certain way to be visible to their children. The rating we're using shows us as being absolutely cursing, no gambling, no graphic violence or nude images, no spitting :ouch:. The reason we are rating the site this way is because we also rate the software this way and make it available to minors.

Ironically, this precludes us from making money on the site using some of the most prolific money-making ads available, those that link you to online gambling. This is one of the reasons we solicit donations. We're trying to provide support, updates and get the site to pay for itself without all of those obnoxious popup ads and without marking up the cost of the product. It's still a challenge at the moment but I believe it's doable.:) (If you suddenly feel the urge to donate, you can do so on the Buy Now page. There's a button at the bottom of it.)

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