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 Arms & Armor Data Expansion
Arms & ArmorProduct #: TNR10009
Release Date: November 7, 2002

Now available as a FREE data expansion!

From our friends at Bastion Press comes one if not the most versatile data expansions, Arms & Armor. An absolute must for any d20 campaign.

Weapons and armor are the lifeblood of adventuring companies, tools of the trade that stand as symbols of power and success over one’s career. This expansion gives more armor, shields, and weapons useable by heroes of every trade and specialization. Pick and choose what to include in your campaigns or alter to suit your needs.

This expansion includes more than 140 new weapon and armor qualities (70+ of each), more than 100 new weapons, class-oriented weapons and armor, damage reduction rules that breathe new life into armor-wearing characters, racial masks, amulet servitors (golems that you wear, protecting you when needed), and more! And ALL of it is included in the expansion...every last crunchy bit!

This data expansion is designed for Campaign Suite, and requires full registration, version 02.11.07 or higher. Additonally, it is highly recommended that you have in your posession Arms & Armor, a D20 Sourcebook published by Bastion Press.

download Download Arms & Armor data expansion FREE!

From The Open Gaming Exchange (Oct 11, 2002)...
A Review of the Supplement

Bastion Press has assembled a plethora of new weapons, over one hundred-twenty...There are also over seventy new weapon qualities...Over forty new types of armor are listed...over seventy new armor special qualities... Even though the title of this book is Arms and Armor, there are extras like magical masks, magical boots, new constructs and construction materials, new mundane extras for armor and weapons and new rules. Optional weapons rules allow for advancement for intelligent weapons and new extraordinary special purposes. Armor related rules are presented for using armor as damage reduction versus AC and shield parries. All of these rules are well written and well presented. The weapon advancement is straightforward. The Extraordinary special purposes for weapons are powerful, yet something new for your more powerful parties to own or face. A short rules set is given for separating double weapons. This is one of those rules that ‘just makes sense’ once you think about it. Overall, Arms and Armor is a book that every gaming group could make use of.
From The Critic's Corner, d20 Magazine Rack (Jan 28, 2002)...
A Review of the Supplement

For those players who love the spiked chain as a weapon, they will enjoy the option of using the Chained Axe or Double Chained Axe. Fans of Scottish highlander clans now have the claymore as a choice for arming their character. There are numerous listings for weapons that have an eastern or oriental flavor.

New armor types listed in the first armor section include: Bardic Armor, Silken Web Armor, Bone Mail Armor, Oaken Tree Bark Armor, Morbius Mail Armor, and Taskmaster Armor.

Overall, Arms & Armor is an absolute must-have for anyone who games. There are choices for every class with everything being fairly well balanced.
Arms & Armor

You can purchase this 96 page full-color sourcebook to go with your data expansion which includes everything in the expansion plus exquisite full-color artwork to help everyone in your gaming group visualize the items. This is the most detailed and extensive sourcebook for weapons and armor and an absolute must have for every gaming library!
List Price: 24.95   Our Price: 24.95   
Purchase from Bastion Press
Crunchy Bits List

Absolutely everything that's in the book!!!

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