December 25, 2003

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I have just wasted an entire afternoon entering in data into Campaign Suite for my Campaign, including races, and PrCs.

However, even though I saved the information frequently it is now all gone!! The program crashed, and when I reloaded all the previously saved campaign data was lost. Its as if the program has reverted back to the default campaign information.

WTF is going on? I'm NOT a happy camper...

I'm also finding the software is not as easy to use as I would appreciate. Saving something is a bitch. Why do I have to keep on navigating back to the same directory each time I want to load something? Why can't it remember where I'm working from?

Why is it that I don't get any spells available for the Assassin Prc at first level, even though my Int score is high enough to warrant them?

I finally figured out pointbuy, but it is tragically flawed in that it allows you to buy more ability points than indicated which makes it next to useless. Why doesn't the program seem to recognise that characters get an extra ability point every four levels?

Not happy Jan...

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