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May 10, 2003

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  Re: v03.04.22 Bugs, and some questions    hits: 15
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Michael Gonzalez wrote:
> I think I found a bug in the new release today. I like change for the "New Character" screen, and you can finally have values of 1 or 2 (yea!!). But the behavior for the stats are not consistent. Str, Dex, and Wis scroll and display values from 1 to 50. However...

> A.The Con scrollbar if off by 2. The displayed value may be 18, but when you click the scrollbar shows 16. This goes from display values 52 to 4 (scroll values are 50 to 2). If you scroll down to 1, the display value becomes 18. Then the offset of 2 is there again.

I'm a little confused. Are you sure this isn't an offset based on the dwarf +2 to con?

> B.Int scrollbar is accurate until you scroll down to 2, at which point Int displays a 4. This offset remains until you scroll up to a value of 5. If you scroll down to 1, a random value is displayed, and the scrollbar is set to that value.

> C.The Cha value is off by 2. Displayed values of 48 down 0 equate to scrollbar values of 50 down to 2. When you scroll down to 1 a display value of 0 occurs, and a "--" appears for the stat bonus.

> The behaviors continue regardless of the number of times you invoke the character screen or reroll stats.


Again, the modifier for Dwarf charisma?

> My questons for the day

> 1.Feats now have an "affects with choices" option. Can you give an example of how this

is used?

Next update has the Loremaster prestige class - I'll be posting it soon. You'll see some pretty fancy things done with feats and lcass-features to create the "Secrets" that a loremaster learns.

> 2.For my Traveller T20 config file I have added that campaign's additional stats (Education, Social Standing, and Psionic Rating) to the <stat names> and <stat abbrevs> sections. Thats right they have 9 stats. The added stats are displayed and the scroll bar appears on the character generations screen, but the stats are not rolled, cannot be modified, or appear in the stat choices for skills, etc. I have also tried using custom points, but again the custom point is not an option for the skill modifier of skills. Could you add functionality to take into account more than the base 6 stats. If that is not possible, can you make custom points act exactly as stats, so they are a valid choice as a regular stat would be.and others functions just like the base 6 stats? You have already done something like this for modifying AC and hitpoints.

I'll check this out, it might still be (falsely) thinking there are 6 abilities only.

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