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May 10, 2003

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  Monster database errors and suggestion    hits: 11
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As I was going through the Monster database, I noticed several monsters that did not have the right stats. I have no idea how many of them are off, but to give you a couple of concrete examples: Small skeleton has 1/2 d10 HP and it should be 1/2 d12.....Shocker lizzard has 2d12 HP and it should be 2d10.....Gnome has 1d10 HP and it should be 1d8... Do you guys have any idea when the database will be cleaned up? I do hate to cross check each critter as I print them out, and if there are erros in the HP are there errors in the To hit or the Damage???

Also, I am trying to enter monster information from the Monster Manual II. I love the export feature that allows us to export out the critters in rtf format for those of us who really like paper to look at. My suggestion at this point would be to include the capability to add notes to the monster database. This will enable us to include special attack or quality information as an add on for those mosters who have them. It would be a real big feature to not only have a notes section for each monster (if needed), but to be able to print them out when the monster is exported.... just a thought

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