December 25, 2003

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Yes, I've just had this same problem where I spent all damn day entering information for Star Wars Revised Edition, only to have it all lost! I was entering skills, feats, classes, skills,etc and saving every now and then to make sure my hard work was not lost. Come to find out my hard work WAS lost BECAUSE of saving! Needless to say, after losing about 9 hours of work, I am PISSED! No, I didn't save it as a 'campaign' file - it was saved as a 'config' file. It saved fine for a while, but one time when I saved, it crashed the program. When I re-opened the program and tried to open the config file I was working on, I get the message "Flawed config file at line: <skill> (/)". It's like it tried to save the config file, only saved part of the data, and crashed. It still has most of the skills I entered, but all my feats, classes, races, etc are all gone. I was very happy with this program before this happened - now I'm so pissed that I don't even want to try and enter all that info again - it'll probably just get erased again anyways. What makes me even more frustrated and angry is that I can't seem to find any configuration files for download anywhere. If I could download a config file for Star Wars Revised Core Rulebook - d20 system from WotC, this program might still have some use - until then, I consider this program a bug-ridden POS! I'm not so much mad because the program crashed - if I would have only lost the data since my last save it wouldn't be so bad. What makes me furious is that it deleted all of the previous work that HAD SAVED SUCCESSFULLY.

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