December 25, 2003

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Chris, it has happened to me again!

Since I got Campaign Suite nearly a year ago, I have updated the software about five times. Two of those five updates has wiped out my registration information and then CS accuses me of pirating software. How do I stop this? The last fix you emailed, I was saving in my email database, but that got lost when my email system crashed on me.

How do I fix this problem of the registration getting dropped when I do a program update?

This re-occurance is getting really frustratingand annoying.

FYI, for environmental specs, I am running CS VER. 3.XX.XX, on a 1.2Ghz PC with 228MB of SDRAM. The platform is a Win2KPro Service Pack 4, with updates made on a very regular basis, using a weekly updated version of the antivirus program of AVG, and is supplemented by a JAVA AV program. The AVs run 24/7/365.

Mr. Chris, I tried to put in the registration key as you suggested on Mon, 15 Sep 2003 and that was when I found the email you sent to me was forever lost in databit limbo. Can I get another Registration Number please. That one I will protect like gold.

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