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August 28, 2003

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Hi everyone,
I was thinking about starting a new 'thread' for weekly tips. I'm not sure if I should make this an email on the CS yahoo group, or post here, or create a special forum for it.. (I'm leaning towards the latter). What I'd like to do is include some 'advanced' type tips, stuff that people may not realize is possible with CS. For example: Lets' say as a quest reward, your GM gives you the Alertness Feat and +2 to your Listen Skill. Here's how you would do it:

Go into the Configuration->Character Information screen.

Scroll down to feats, right-click and add a new feat. When prompted, create a new feat category, "DM Gifts".

Change the name of the feat to, "DM Gift" (Or perhaps the name of your character would be a better choice).

Select the "Free for all" feat type.

Open up the affects node under the new feat you have created.

Add a new affect.

Set the affect type to "Bonus Feat".

Double-click the first column and pick alertness, or click it once and type in the word "Alertness".

Add a new affect.

Set the affect type to "Skill Mod" (Or skill ranks, depending).

Set the "Value" to 2.

Set the "Name" (first) column to "Listen".

Save your config.

Now you can scroll down to DM Gifts category on the Feats page, and give yourself this feat free of charge - which, in turn, gives you the modifiers listed.

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