January 2, 2004

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Just trying it out... I've been a big PCGen user for awhile and wanted to see what else was out there that would actually allow me to manage my entire campaign when I came across CS...

Still learning things and poking around, but it seems that the "Set Path" in the Campaign area doesn't seem to work for me... No matter where I set it, it comes back blank and creates no file... I'm assuming that this is just a limit of the demo version.

Anyway, other than that so far I'm liking what I'm seeing. I've already been able to successfully duplicate several feats I needed from Mongoose Publishing's 'Ultimate Feats'. Ran into a couple that I can't do so far... all but one aren't really direct affect feats anyway, but that brings me to the last question I have for the night... Is there a way to adjust the spells *known* for Sorcerers / Bards via a Feat? The others I'm just handling with comments...

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