November 27, 2004

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  Character Generation saving/loading now included in free trial!    hits: 581
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I've decided, after long thought, to open up the character generation portion of
Campaign Suite to all users. This means you can now load and save characters, print
them, and export them to your own character sheets or RTF statblocks. Now, even if
your GM has the full version of Campaign Suite, you don't have to as you'll be able to
send your characters to him anyway.

With the Trial, you will have full access to feat, spell, and skill editors - however, you
will be limited to only 12 classes and prestige classes. The race editor will limit you to
8 races. You can edit the existing classes and races, but you will not be able to add
any more, such as from our Librum Equitis and other expansions.

With the free trial, you will also have access to the Arms & Armor and Norse Gods
expansions that are included, thanks to our friends at Bastion Press. Much of the Wild
Spellcraft expansion, asside from the Prestige Classes included, will also be usable
free. (See our site for a link to download the Wild Spellcraft expansion, and for
information on how you can find these fine products in print).

Other benefits for registration include character list management, and monster
statblocks on export of dungeons. You will also have unlimited access to class and
race editors, as well as the ability to install many of our expansion products.

We hope that by opening up the character generator to all users, whether they are able
to register the product or not, will bring the many features of Campaign Suite to many
gaming tables and save people time everywhere.

Thank you all for your support.
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