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"January 30, 2002 --- Beyond its basic interface is a useful tool to build and maintain campaign data, from individual monster races, characters, adventures, maps, character races, skills, feats and so on, and also to share this data; loading seperate configuration files and/or monster files will allow persons using this program to share data amoung DMs or a far flung PBEM group." --- Din from
"October 19, 2003 --- XML makes Campaign Suite Extended extremely flexible. From being able to export stat blocks for use in a campaign journal, to publishing your party's character sheets on your website, CSX allows itself to hundreds of uses." --- Jay Cline from Dragon Pro Games
"July 19, 2003 --- ...Campaign Suite is the RPG management software from Twin Rose Software. This is one of my favorite pieces of RPG software, hands down. Others are darn good, but there's just too much good stuff included in CS to use anything else. Is it worth it? Like most other software, Campaign Suite is a work in progress. With the last couple of upgrades and patches, a good piece of software has gotten even better, and there's no reason to think that the trend won't continue... at least until Campaign Suite 2 is released, if such a thing ever happens. And if it does, I'll probably get that one too. DM'ing can be a difficult task, and anything that makes it easier without getting in the way gets a big thumbs up from me." --- Butch Curry from GamingReport.Com
"The sheer flexibility and depth of this software provides the gamesmaster with a perfect tool for planning and running every aspect of the D20 system tablestop game, and with relatively little effort, almost any other game system too." ---
"October 17, 2003 --- I've been using Campaign Suite for quite some time. As a GM, Campaign Developer, and Game Developer, I find it an invaluable tool for most of my recordkeeping. The exportability makes it great for player handouts, keeping track of NPCs, even giving PCs printed records of their own characters." --- from Dragon Pro Games/Legends
"September 16, 2002 --- ...You name it, I think Campaign Suite can do it. ... Ive had the chance to tinker around with a trial version of the suite, and I even though I barely scratched the surface of its capabilities, I set up dice parameters for character creation, created several characters (including prestige classes), generated weather for several weeks worth of game time, created encounter tables based on climate and terrain then inserted the encounters into maps Ive also edited here and included/excluded certain feats, specific equipment items, languages, deities, magical items, monsters, character races, skills, and spells. In not much time at all, I had the basis for my whole campaign set "in stone" a malleable, re-moldable stone, that is." --- Kithmaker from
"Been Using the new CSX Beta for setting up my d20 Modern/Spycraft kitbash campaign and I love the improvments of the original software. I have been adding some of the classes and options from Spycraft to the D20 Modern data and It is a breeze with the new format. I can't wait for the full version. Thanks for a kickass gameing tool and please keep up the great work!" ---
"August 23, 2003 --- An aspect of Campaign Suite that is probably the most major (and that I have spent a disproportionately small amount of time on in this review) is that of the campaign management utility. The campaign management is very complex and multifaceted, allowing the GM to configure and manage a number of different aspects of the campaign. ... By selecting "new campaign", you can create and edit a configuration file that will define you campaign. For example, you can expand on the races, classes, deities, domains, spells, equipment, and other character options that make up your campaign. The process is extensive, and is driven by adding and editing features on various levels, but if there is an effect you wish to add, there is a good chance that the editor can do it for you. ... The campaign management acts as a universal record for the GM to manage and track campaign information and handle encounters. The campaign manager is handled as a list of telescoping, extensible entities. For example, if you have a dungeon that you want to fill (perhaps one generated using CS's dungeon generator), you can go to the "dungeon" section of the campaign manager and create room details, roll encounters and associated treasure, and add your notes to the room. Other sections are provided to annotate other locales, generate weather, create and manage lists of characters, and create and use tables." --- Alan D. Kohler (Psion) from EN World
"March 30, 2002 --- This determination to produce the best bit of software for any Dungeons and Dragons player helps to push Campaign Suite right to the forefront of RPG technologies." --- GameWyrd
"Very well made and thought out software. Whether you are using standard out of the book rules, or creating a campaign from scratch, CSX will do the job. This is the best RPG software suite I have used out of the many I have tried over the years. CSX is easy to use, and runs very smooth, even on an older machine." --- Storm Nobleheart
"October 18, 2003 --- Campaign Suite is THE premier campaign manager. If you need to enter custom information, it is very easy to do. Need support for d20 Modern or 3.5? No problem -- it's already there. Add/delete/modify the the data files to your heart's content -- no scripting or programming required." --- from

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