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 Librum Equitis, Volume 1 Data Expansion
Librum Equitis 1Product #: TNR10007
Release Date: Aug. 4, 2002

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Literally "the book of the chevaliers / respected class", Librum Equitis is Ambient's flagship d20 product, a book of Prestige Classes suited to any d20 fantasy game environment. Included in LE1 are classic ideas such as the Swashbuckler and the Sniper, as well as several military classes, to bizzarities such as the Corpulent (a priest of greed or gluttony who grows... and grows... and grows...) and the PsychoPyretic (someone who transforms his rage into psionic heat).

With 23 Prestige Classes, 11 feats, 3 deities with one new domain plus spells, originally released in Sword & Sorcery Studios' publication Relics & Rituals, and special items for the classes, this is a nice addition to ANY campaign that is easily adjustable to your setting. Detailed descriptions of each prestige class with detailed notes of special class features are included in the data.

This product requires the full-version of Campaign Suite, 02.08.04 or greater. Additonally, it is highly recommended that you have in your posession Librum Equitis, Volume 1, a D20 Supplement published by Mystic Eye Games for Ambient, Inc. The book includes sample npc's for each new class and brilliant artwork illustrating them.

A Review of the Sourcebook

There are classes for every alignment and as I said, well written descriptions of each, and if a smart DM had this book, that DM could take the sample character, slap a different name on it and have a nearly endless supply of new NPCs at the fingertips. This book is definitely going into my arsenal of useful tomes for the impromptu encounter.
From Gameplay News (July 19, 2002)...
A Review of the Sourcebook

On the issue of balance, everyone knows prestige classes defy basic balancing. You get out of them what your PC will make best use of and how the DM's campaign is played. I can tell you that each of the prestige classes have clear use. Some of them may lack from flashy wiz-bang powers, but instead of offering filler they provide nice focused and common-sense powers that let the PC get really good at the topic at hand: and that is good design. At the same time there are plenty that offer surprising, flashy and very original effects and powers I already can't wait to use in my games. Highly recommended.
cover Librum Equitis, Volume 1

You can purchase this 64 page sourcebook to go with your data expansion which includes the prestige classes, all the extra items to fill them out. Each prestige class starts with a short story and ends with an example npc complete with stats to help you understand what the author intended the class to be.
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Crunchy Bits List

•Detailed Class Progression Chart for Each Class
•Initiate of Cordun Spell List

•Garren, the worker



•Arcane Focus
•Breeze Dance
•Dance of the Dirk
•Eidetic Memory
•Improved Crossbow Handling
•In the Groove
•Mighty Charge
•Prone Fighting
•Social Perception

Magical Items
•Fork of Harmony
•Hunter's Release
•Ring of Goblin Leadership

Prestige Classes
•Bounty Hunter
•Chosen Warlord
•Collegiate Bard
•Dark Minstrel
•Dirty Monk
•Feral Ravager
•Imperial Crossbowman
•Initiates of Cordun
•Knight Channeller
•Lord of Sorcery
•Military Archer
•New Treant
•Practical One
•Psycho Pyretic
•Tainted Warlord
•Two-Fisted Sorcerer
•Zombie Master

•Knowledge (Psionics)
•Knowledge (Undead)

•Death Blade
•Mind Raid
•Rune of Darkness
•Sacrifice Spell
•Vermin Plague

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