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 Privacy Information For Parents
Last updated on 1/22/07

While our website is not specifically targeting children or teenagers, we recognize the fact that the product and website may appeal to them. In an effort to ensure the safety and privacy of children as well as the privacy of all who visit the website we have done the following:


PICS is an acronym for Platform for Internet Content Selection developed by W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium, who develops standards for use on the internet.

It was originally developed to aid teachers and parents to control access to the internet though it now includes other information in addition to those original labels.

These labels can be used by filtering software and ISP's that offer filtering to help control children access on the internet. is one source for finding filtering software and ISP's.

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While the subject does involve fantasy adventure roleplaying games which do include killing and injuring fantasy characters, neither our site nor our product shows or describes those acts.

The product is a database for keeping information on those fantasy characters and we've made an effort to not show or describe violent acts on the site.

We also encourage you to learn about the product, the site, and the industry through the links we provide as well as taking part in your child's internet surfing and roleplaying.

Our ICRA rating is

  • no nudity or sexual material
  • no violence
  • no vulgar or sexual language
  • no promotion of tobacco, gambling or weapon use
  • no chats
    (We do offer forums and a link to a tech support chat. Our forums are labeled seperately to show the chats are moderated. Any message violating our ratings is removed. The tech support chat is hosted by another site and we moderate the chatroom as much as is humanly possible. We do sleep occassionally.)

Our SafeSurf rating that is applied for is

  • suitable for older children
    (note: We used to rate the site as suitable for all ages and changed this with the addition a few data expansions than can be misunderstood by young children. As a result, we chose to alter the rating.)
  • no adult themes
  • no profanity
  • no heterosexual themes
  • no homosexual themes
  • no nudity
  • no violence
  • no sex, violence or profanity
  • no intolerance (of race, religion or gender)
  • no other adult themes
  • no gambling

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COPPA is the result of an effort to protect children's personal information from possible predators.

A child is defined as being under the age of thirteen (13).

The act requires us to explain what information we collect, when, and how it is used via a privacy policy on the site that is readily available to anyone who visits.

The act requires us to gain verifiable parental consent before obtaining personal information from a child.

There is only one place on the site where any information is collected that may be considered personal. That is when someone registers on our forums and supplies an email address for security and administration purposes.

To comply with COPPA rulings, we've placed a notice on the registration page that informs the person registering that they are stating that they are not under 13 years of age.

To allow our young users to use the forums for technical support, we've made it possible to post questions without becoming a registered user of the forums or supplying an email address.

We have yet to come across any other method that is both practically and economically feasible. It is simply not easy to verify anyone's age or parental/guardian status even using the methods suggested by the FTC. If you know of one, please send us information.

We encourage you to spend time talking to your child about how to NOT disclose any personal information such as full name, email, age, address, etc. on the web in chat rooms, emails or on forums.

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 Site Ratings

We have voluntary rated the site with the following PICS rating systems. You can find out more about each rating system by clicking on the buttons below.

SafeSurf Rating Pending

ICRA Labeled

We have submitted the site, been reviewed and certified as child safe by the United Federation of ChildSafe Web Sites.

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• W3C's PICS Page
• Federal Trade Comm.

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