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Campaign Suite Extended
Only $39.95 $34.95!

Campaign Suite Extended is our premium campaign management software. Complete with rulesets for 3.0, 3.5 and modern games. Character generator and editor, dungeon and treasure generator, creature editors and much more. Fully customizable to fit into your game.

Buy here:
Buy Campaign Suite Extended at RPGNow.

The Contravener

The Contravener is a PDF designed under the Pick & Mix license. This 2 page PDF expands upon a Prestige Class, the Contravener, which is a master of counterspelling and disruption. Campaign Suite and Campaign Suite Extended not required.

Campaign Suite Extended - Upgrade

The Campaign Suite Extended Upgrade takes your original Campaign Suite - from CD or download - and allows you to upgrade to the full extended version.

CSX: Psionics

This expansion is designed to be imported into your 3.5 Revised Configuration for Campaign Suite Extended, or any custom configuration of your own design. Includes powers, prestige classes, core classes, races and more from the Revised Psionics SRD.

CSX: 101 Feats

Ronin Arts' Popular 101 Feats for Campaign Suite Extended. Includes all feats and integrates them smoothly into your existing Campaign Suite Extended Configuration.

Coming Soon
.NET Control: Nullable UpDown Control

The default data for Campaign Suite 2 requires occasionally "null" values - such as when a character has no constitution score rather than a score of 0. This C# source allows you to place a nullable Up Down control (spinner) on your Windows Forms applications.

.NET Control: Dice Handling

This C# code lets you manage a variety of dice styles, including string handlers (4d6+2) and special handling (4d6, subtrace lowest). Sample application included.

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Gamewyrd Review:
"This determination to produce the best bit of software for any Dungeons and Dragons player helps to push Campaign Suite right to the forefront of RPG technologies."
Effie Rover's RPG Library Gold Wyrm Award
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