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About Twin Rose Software

Twin Rose is a small software and graphics company that specializes in C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, PHP and other programming services as well as private and commercial graphics for logos, advertisements, and just art.

While we are small, we hold our employees to a very high standard and pride ourselves on completing projects on time and under budget. The majority of our programming work is done on a contractural basis involving business and accounting programs.

Several employees also happen to enjoy the richness of d20 game play. In their "free" time, they came up with several tools to enhance their play and a decision was made to package them together and offer them for sale to other enthusiasts. This was the birth of the Campaign Suite of d20 applications.

Twin Rose began as few others. In rural Washington State, a small farm was founded that sold vegetables, milk, and cheeses to local residents. At the front gate to this farm was a pair of rose bushes - the original Twin Roses. The farm became a business, with daily sales, and the farmer's son studied computers and software design. In mid 1994 he received his first contract, the beginings of the software company known as Twin Rose.

From this seed, the business grew with the farmer's son meeting other consultants with whom he created a small but capable group who can handle almost all business needs from programming, to accounting and marketing.

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"This determination to produce the best bit of software for any Dungeons and Dragons player helps to push Campaign Suite right to the forefront of RPG technologies."
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