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Campaign Suite Extended: Free Trial
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Campaign Suite Extended is our premium campaign management software. Complete with rulesets for 3.0, 3.5 and modern games. Character generator and editor, dungeon and treasure generator, creature editors and much more. Fully customizable to fit into your game.

Map Pack 1
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MapPack 1 is a collection of eleven PNG map images brought to you in cooperation with Cartography Unlimited for RPGs. This set of images includes a small coastal town with a sewer system, the surrounding area and detailed maps of some ruins in which adventurers can get lost. These images can be used as backgrounds for Campaign Suite maps that are linked to campaign information. While this is NOT OGC, it is being offered to you for free thanks to the creator, Anna Dobrit. Campaign Suite and Campaign Suite Extended not required.

Arms & Armor for Campaign Suite
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Weapons and armor are the lifeblood of adventuring companies, tools of the trade that stand as symbols of power and success over one’s career. Arms & Armor includes more than 140 new weapon and armor qualities (70+ of each), more than 100 new weapons, class-oriented weapons and armor, damage reduction rules that breathe new life into armor-wearing characters, racial masks, amulet servitors (golems that you wear, protecting you when needed), and more! Thanks to our friends at Bastion Press, this data expansion includes ALL of it!! Every last bit!

CSharp Controls and Dialogs
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MemoryBox is a .NET C# dialog box form designed to represent a yes, yes to all, no, no to all style window.

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"This determination to produce the best bit of software for any Dungeons and Dragons player helps to push Campaign Suite right to the forefront of RPG technologies."
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