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 Librum Equitis, Volume 2 Data Expansion
Librum Equitis 2Product #: TNR10008
Release Date: Oct 19, 2002

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From our friends at Ambient, Inc. comes the second installment of the Librum Equitis. The Respected Class are back again, with another collection of prestige classes for your fantasy D20 campaign, all lovingly handcrafted from the best D20 components and playtested to a fine edge.

From Yuan-Ti converts and spies, Bardic College spies, and the Blessed Paladin who embodies the warrior aspect of his deity, be it good or evil, to the Mad Tailor who crafts strange constructs from living things and the Tribal Berserker who becomes a lycanthrope while raging. Prestige classes for every occasion, every class, and every villain.

This data expansion is designed for Campaign Suite, and requires full registration, version 02.10.15 or higher to use all of the Prestige Classes in the character generator. However, even the trial version of Campaign Suite will allow you to print these fantastic classes and use them at the table. Additonally, it is highly recommended that you have in your posession Librum Equitis, Volume 2, a PDF D20 Supplement published by Ambient, Inc. The book is chock full of flavour text, and all formatted for easy printing and inclusion in your home rules: one prestige class per page.

From ENWorld (June 19, 2002)...
A Review of the PDF

So you bought Librum Equitis Voume One and youíre sick little mind isntí satisfied? Well step right up, Mr. Parent has brought forth a horde, well, not quite a horde, but twenty, new PrCs. Like the previous volume, this one also makes use of existing OGC to augment the feel and unique traits of many of these new classes...If youíre looking for a sound source of PrCs that strays a bit more from the standard archetypes than Librum Equitis One, then youíve found the perfect book.
From (June 27, 2002)...
A Review of the PDF seems to be a fairly decent product. Many of the prestige classes are very specialized Ė never in a game Iíve witnessed has someone wanted to become a yuan-ti Ė but youíre free to use or ignore whichever parts you want...even if you only use one prestige class, itís probably worth it.
Librum Equitis, Volume 2

You can purchase this 53 page PDF sourcebook to go with your data expansion which includes the prestige classes, all the extra items to fill them out. Each prestige class starts with a short story and ends with an example npc complete with stats to help you understand what the author intended the class to be.
List Price: 5.95   Our Price: 5.00   
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Crunchy Bits List

•Negative Energy
•Positive Energy

•Psionic Charge
•Speed of Thought
•Psionic Dodge
•Up the Walls
•Quicken Power
•Mental Leap

Prestige Classes
• Bokor
• Bone Archer
• Brotherhood of the Golden Blossom
• Children of the Snake
• Circle of the Lute
• Earthbound
• Elite Cavalry
• Forge Singer
• Mad Tailor
• Mind Thief
• Order of Cordun
• Riders of the Duras
• Sacred Paladin
• Siege Mage
• The Society of Heavenly Movements
• Timer
• Tribal Berserker
• Troll Hunter
• Venomous
• Weapon Cult Paragon

•Craft (Fletcher)
•Knowledge (Anatomy)
•Craft (Tailor)
•Knowledge (Psionics)
•Stabilize Self
•Use Psionic Device

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