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Welcome to the our new forum system. It's not completely configured yet but I think it's configured enough to be useful. I'm also unsure whether the news will stay on this system or be moved to its own. Feedback is welcomed in Forum Admin.

I will make more help files available as soon as I can. This is just going to be enough to get started. Also, if you see a need for a particular topic, please chime in on the Forum Admin. I will be updating the privacy policy to cover this feature of the site, but rest assured that we are keeping within the spirit of the current policy even with this addition.

Please, please, please use this support forum. I will be transfering the information from the old forum over to this one but I don't want to be copying and pasting for a week to do it. So use this one from this point on. Thanks.

This system is a PHP/MySQL system, though not restricted to MySQL, created by W-Agora and is licensed under the "artistic license" free of charge. A copy of the license can be found here.

As of right now, these are self-regulated news forums and discussions. I hope to keep it that way for the foreseeable future. User requested discussion forums may be assigned one or two user moderators depending on the topics.

A full list of features can be found at but the following is information you need to know at this point:

    There are four forum access types that define how you can post or not post in them. They are:

  • private : can be accessed only by users created throw the administration interface (me).
  • restricted : can be read by everyone but only validated users who've registered (eg. accepted by the moderator) can post on it. (This is how we set up the news and announcements forum. Only we can post or reply there. If you want to reply to a message in the news forum please respond in the Responses to News and Announcements forum.) This is something that is going to be corrected in a future release so that you can respond but not create new posts.
  • registered : can be read by everyone but only registered users can write. So far, this is none of our forums.
  • public : free for read & post regardless of registration. This is our support forum. No registration required. I would like to keep most of the forums at this status.
    Smilies...I did mention that this forum had some smilies available. They are:
    Smilie Picture Smilie Picture
    :) :(
    :O :D
    ;) :p
    :sarcastic: :fou:
    :ouch: :what:
    :lol: :gun:
    :wahoo: :crazy:
    :hello: :benetton:
    :cry: :hap:
    :sol: :jap:
    :bounce: :hot:
    :spookie: :bic:
    :eek: :love:
    :sleep: :sweat:

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