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Dungeons & Dragons: The official D & D website.
d20 Systems: The Wizards of the Coast official d20 website. You can find documentation of all the basic rules here.
EN Publishing: E.N.Publishing is the publishing arm of E.N.World and is the inheritor of the award winning Ambient Inc. and Natural 20 Press product lines.
Currently, a full third of the top 30 d20 products @ RPGnow are E.N.Publishing releases. Discover the quality of E.N.Publishing today.
Cartography Unlimited for RPGs: The company that brings you the SRD 3.5 PDF, the SRD 3.5 Monsters PDF, The Town of Umberham, Adventurers' Home Away from Home,the Deluxe Map Packs and the One-Eyed Dragonhead Tavern.
Bastion Press: Bastion Press is dedicated to creating innovative and exciting game products that serve to empower players in their roleplaying experiences. It's your game (and your world), and it's our goal to give you additional tools to make the worlds of your imagination even more vibrant and alive.
Partners, Friends and Associates
RPG Now RPG Now: Sales of gaming material available for immediate purchase and download electronically. You don't have to wait for shipping!
PayPal PayPal: Join PayPal enabling you to send and receive credit card payments securely over the web without needing to apply for a merchant account.
Reflections Reflections of the Wheel: An online Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) set in the Wheel of Time setting, programmed by Chris Johanson of Twin Rose Software.
Web Utilities
Irony Games: On-web support for roleplaying gamers including a dice server and support for "Play By eMail" gaming. A variety of generators that became part of the inspiration for Campaign Suite.
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RPG Gateway: Search RPG Gateway's roleplaying links. Over 4000 links listed and categorized.
Unofficial (Approved) Fan-Information and Sites
Subscribe to CampaignSuite Yahoo Group: Join the user moderated CampaignSuite Yahoo Group to exchange Campaign Suite config files and data.
Other Sites
Site Design by Multiweave Multiweave: Solutions for small business including website design. They created this website and many of the graphic images on the site.
DnD Resources: This site is actively hunting and listing DnD resources available on the web. Log in and check it out.
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ENWorld Chat Room #DND3e Chat Member Home Page is the home page for the ENWorld Chat Room. The chat room is used on occasion for pre-arranged moderated chats with industry/publishing personalities.
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