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 Campaign Suite - Product Info
Twin Rose Software - Campaign Suite
Product #: TNR1000
ISBN: 0-9727737-0-3
Price: $29.95 with FREE expansions

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RPG Management Software

Campaign Suite is a completely customizable RPG game preparation and creation tool for DMs, players, writers, and editors alike. Useful at all levels and with most gaming systems, it makes game prep more fun and less time consuming.

Features of Campaign Suite are integrated with your customized campaign and the internal world designer, which lets you create custom races and characters, build dungeons, and design whole towns for you or your characters to explore complete with detailed notes. New items, spells, and rules can be added on the fly, or limit their use to create custom character creation and advancement for your campaign. At every level the information you put into CS can be exported to RTF files for gameplay, or for inclusion in PDF's including statblocks.

All of this is achieved through the use of highly flexible programming engines that allow you to totally control what rules you use in your gameplay. It can be a set of preset rules, such as those found in a d20 world like Bluffside, or it can be something completely different created by you. You can include a point based system for things such as a vitality and wounds system or point based character generation.

Customize your worlds to your heart's content!

Campaign Suite example 1

The data available out-of-the-box enables the character generator to create characters from scratch for use within the rules structure defined in the SRD. It is fully featured to handle any number of classes and PrCs, with unique and smooth Multi-Class handling. Levels can be gained or removed by class as needed. And with a race-based random name generator, you can have a living, breathing player or non-player character with the touch of a few buttons.

Creatures can be used to create a new race based upon the creature of your choice. You can apply templates to the races as well. It is simple to create a half-fiend doppelganger rogue in just a few minutes.

The smooth interface allows for graphical drag-and-drop within the Windows environment, so you can have many characters and worlds being edited at once. Whole adventuring companies could be populated in just minutes. You can create a random dungeon in minutes from an encounter table that you define. You can create locales with detailed notes and custom encounter tables. Characters can be saved and loaded easily, and printed out in the custom character sheet designed specifically for the programs use.

Download DemoSee what it's all about and download the 30-day free trial now.

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"August 23, 2003 --- An aspect of Campaign Suite that is probably the most major (and that I have spent a disproportionately small amount of time on in this review) is that of the campaign management utility. The campaign management is very complex and multifaceted, allowing the GM to configure and manage a number of different aspects of the campaign. ... By selecting "new campaign", you can create and edit a configuration file that will define you campaign. For example, you can expand on the races, classes, deities, domains, spells, equipment, and other character options that make up your campaign. The process is extensive, and is driven by adding and editing features on various levels, but if there is an effect you wish to add, there is a good chance that the editor can do it for you. ... The campaign management acts as a universal record for the GM to manage and track campaign information and handle encounters. The campaign manager is handled as a list of telescoping, extensible entities. For example, if you have a dungeon that you want to fill (perhaps one generated using CS's dungeon generator), you can go to the "dungeon" section of the campaign manager and create room details, roll encounters and associated treasure, and add your notes to the room. Other sections are provided to annotate other locales, generate weather, create and manage lists of characters, and create and use tables." --- Alan D. Kohler (Psion) from EN World
"March 30, 2002 --- This determination to produce the best bit of software for any Dungeons and Dragons player helps to push Campaign Suite right to the forefront of RPG technologies." --- GameWyrd
"The sheer flexibility and depth of this software provides the gamesmaster with a perfect tool for planning and running every aspect of the D20 system tablestop game, and with relatively little effort, almost any other game system too." ---
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