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These are RPG news feeds from around the web, brought to you by Twin Rose Software. Official Wizards of the Coast news can be found here.

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Syndicated RPG & Fantasy News Feeds
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ZUZZY releases 2'x4' and 3'x3' Gaming Mats and offers Highlands sneak peek
Heyoka Studios Releases The Grand Library of Saracca
Goodman Games posts Battle Maps for Xcrawl
Ship kits &port among latest from ESLO Terrain
Four new products to play Savage Worlds online!
Support for your saga: Star System
Sabertooth Games crowns 2007 UFS World Champions
Announcing The Digital Front podcast
In Memory of Charles B. Crain III
Alternative Dungeon Environment Ideas

A Dungeon Masters Resource for 1E, 2E, 3E, and d20 Dungeons &Dragons!
cache update: 31.08.2007 16:53:25
ZUZZY Releases 2'x4' and 3'x3' Gaming Mats and Gives Highlands Sneak Peek
New Battle Maps for Xcrawl
Blackdirge Publishing releases Blackdyrge's Templates: Elemental Exemplar
PCGen 5.13.1 Alpha released
Alternative Dungeon Environment Ideas
[Devil’s Workshop] Super Powered Adventure Planner released
Obsidian Portal adds user created maps
PDF preview of Castle Whiterock
Blackdirge Publishing releases Blackdyrge's Templates: Primordial Beast
[Podcast] X Marks the Accidental Spot

d20 Magazine Rack - Are you game enough?
cache update: 31.08.2007 16:53:27
Historical Footnote
Apparently, I have been immortalized in the pages of Dragon and Dungeon magazines. A friend informed me of this, but did not say just what form that immortalizing took. I haven't gotten my issues yet, so if you have the final printed issue of Dragon, please flip to page 115 and tell me if it the news is good or bad.

Retiring from Reviewing
Hi Steve, John, and my fellow denizens of d20 Magazine Rack. I meant to post this sooner (a LOT sooner . . . sorry!), but I must retire as a staff reviewer. In the last few months I've moved to Texas and enrolled in a grad program for video game level design. The courses are very satifying, but require a ton of work--so much so that I just don't have the free time to do any more reviewing (or D&D, for that matter). I might be able to do some more reviewing after I graduate, but until then I'll just be one of the site's readers.Steve, I'd like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to do some professional reviewing. I've enjoyed the experience and hopefully have informed a few readers. Writing for this site has even helped me get my own name on a few d20 products, like the Power of the Mindand the Imperial more

Accidental Survivors: X Marks the Spot
Hi. My name is Fraser. I can't draw worth sh . . .X marks the spot for buried treasure, right? And buried somewhere amidst the asinine comments in the newest episode of the Accidental Survivorsis advice on maps and mapping for the artistically challenged in the modern gaming community. With Charles White from Fabled Environments on board to actually add information and insight, you should go give it a listen--now with more maps and less Rob!

The Death of Role-Playing
More about GenCon later, but the big news was the announcement of 4th edition D&D in May of next year. What follows is my opinion on more

More from True STEEL &STEAM
Continuing the conversion of my STEEL & STEAM campaign from d20 Systemto True20, I present details on the elves, half-elves, and orks. If you don't use True20, it should be easy enough to convert these over to d20 more

Cold City
By John Grigsby, Staff ReviewerAvailable as a PDF through A hard copy is available through Indie Press Revolution.Initiative RoundCold Cityis an independent role-playing game from Contested Ground Studios. It is presented as a 128-page softcover by Malcom Craig and featuring black-and-white illustrations by Stuart Beel and Paul Bourne. Cold Cityretails for $23.00 ($13.00 PDF).Berlin, 1950: While the Cold War rages, the secretive agents of the multi-national Reserve Police Agency creep through the shadows, hunting down the remnants of bizarre technologies and twisted wartime experiments.But the RPA is riven by paranoia, fear and suspicion. Everyone works to their own hidden agendas, the different nationalities look at each other through a haze of mistrust. In the darkness, faced by horrors beyond your worst nightmares, will your comrades watch your back or treacherously stick a knife into it?The great battles may be over, but the war carries on.Join the more

Do you know the way out... right?
0one Gameshave released Øone's Colorprints #5: Sewers BelowWhich sort of dangers hide in the sewers? Where is exactly located that damned thieves hideout? Where is the temple devoted to that filthy deity? Where is that underground smugglers dock? And, finally, how can we do to avoid becoming hopelessly lost in that damned sewers maze? Find it in Sewers Below!Can be assembled in a 17x22 inches map, in different configurations!Sewers Below presents four color maps you can arrange as you wish to form a larger map. You can event print more than one copy of the same map in order to obtain a bigger map.This Colorprint contains the following sewer-themed maps:The MazeThe HideoutThe TempleThe DockFind out more hereDownload a free map (Tomb of the Shadow King) hereBrowse other Colorprints hereThis product is available (or it will be soon) also at the following online retailers:http://www.yourgamesnow.com

Hot Pursuit: The Definitve d20 System Guide to Chases
By John Grigsby, Staff ReviewerAvailable as a PDF and print version through Initiative RoundHot Pursuit: The Definitive d20 SystemGuide to Chasesis a d20 Systemsupplement from Adamant Entertainment. This 40-page PDF is penned by Corey Reid and features line art by Jupitermedia Corporation. Hot Pursuitretails for $6.50 as a PDF.The PCs have just come from talking to their contact in San Francisco and are on their way to the next thrilling location when they are spotted by Dr. Yes’ thugs. Our heroes make for their vehicle and roar out of the parking area, the bad guys close behind. The heroes have a slight lead, but the enemy agents have called in some friends. From a narrow alleyway on each side of the avenue, a black jeep emerges, carrying three heavily-armed men…read more

July 13, 2007 (SEATTLE) — As part of its continuing celebration of the fifth anniversary of the HeroClix® collectable miniatures game (CMG), WizKids Inc. announces the “STARRO Attacks” world event. Beginning in September and spanning five weeks, the “STARRO Attacks” event is one of the largest events ever offered for the DC HeroClix line. STARRO the Star Conqueror itself is the top prize for the ultimate winners of these events.In an effort to conquer Earth, STARRO the Star Conqueror released psychic clones that attach themselves to their victims’ faces. For this event, STARRO takes control of four JUSTICE LEAGUE members, which have been created specially for this promotion as participation prizes for players. The event will take place at select retail locations more

July 23, 2007 (SEATTLE) — WizKids Inc., creator of runaway hit games like the HeroClix® CMG and the Star Wars™ PocketModel™ TCG, announced today its agreement with Disney to produce the Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean PocketModel game. The game will release in October of 2007.Under the agreement, WizKids will be able to use content from all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The PocketModel game platform allows players to construct 3-D pirate ships from pieces punched out of a styrene card. Players are then able to use movie characters and action scenes on cards to help control the strategy of the more

New D&D and D20 Product Releases
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