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There's a vast array of products available that enhance and compliment Campaign Suite or simply interest our customers. Realizing that we could not become a retailer we've looked for affiliate programs where we could offer the following products to you and are pleased to offer these items in association with and RegNow. Prices are subject to change.

d20 Essentials

cover d20 System Dice with Booklet

The d20 Dice product contains a complete set of polyhedron dice including a 4-sided die, a 6-sided die, an 8-sided die, a 10-sided die, a 12-sided die, and a 20-sided die. These dice are used when playing the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, the Star Wars(r) Roleplaying Game, or any d20 roleplaying game. Also included are Fast-Play Rules for the Dungeons & Dragons and Star Wars games. These Fast-Play Rules will help jumpstart any new gamer wanting to learn about roleplaying games.

List Price: 6.95   Our Price: 6.95   Purchase from Amazon

cover Character Record Folio: A Character Sheet D20 Compaign Play

You need more than a flimsy piece of paper for your character and that's where the d20 System Character Record Folio comes in. Say goodbye to cramming your notes and magic items onto a single sheet, the folio is designed to handle your character for the entire campaign. Its 16 beautifully designed pages include great add-ons like mini-record sheets for your paladin's warhorse, familiar, and cohorts, and adventure logs that let you track important events and NPCs. The d20 System Character Record Folio is good for any character in any d20 game.
List Price: 4.50   Our Price: 4.50   Purchase from Amazon

cover Arms & Armor: A d20 System Guidebook   (Released Jan. 1, 2002)

Weapons and armor are the lifeblood of adventuring companies, tools of the trade that stand as symbols of power and success over one’s career. This 96-page book gives more armor, shields, and weapons useable by heroes of every trade and specialization. It also includes more than 140 new weapon and armor qualities (70+ of each) and 100 new weapons. New armor shields the world's greatest heroes from harm...but it will also shield the most evil of villains.
List Price: 24.95   Our Price: 24.95   Purchase from Amazon

Miscellaneous d20 Roleplaying Games

cover Call of Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu has been a best-selling roleplaying game since first edition back in 1981, when it was the first horror roleplaying game published. It is based on the classic horror of H. P. Lovecraft's elaborate Cthulhu Mythos. This includes the derivative work of hundreds of other authors who have followed in Lovecraft's footsteps. This game has won more game awards than any other roleplaying game and is a member of the Acadeny of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design Hall of Fame. It contains a simple and elegant system for playing which Chaosium Inc. has used in many other games, lending it additional flexibility.
List Price: 37.95   Our Price: 26.56   Purchase from Amazon

cover Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game

This item will be published in March 2002. You may order it now and it will be shipped to you when it arrives. Hardcover, 320 pages.
List Price: 39.95   Our Price: 27.96   Purchase from Amazon

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