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There's a vast array of products available that enhance and compliment Campaign Suite or simply interest our customers. Realizing that we could not become a retailer we've looked for affiliate programs where we could offer the following products to you and are pleased to offer these items in association with and RegNow. Prices are subject to change.

Wheel of Time

cover The Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game

The Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game contains all the information needed to run a campaign in The Wheel of Time setting. Contents include all necessary classes, spells, variant magic systems, races, magic items, and monsters. This hardcover book also contains background information on Robert Jordan's fantasy world-its geography, organizations, conflicts, and history.
List Price: 39.95   Our Price: 27.96   Purchase from Amazon

cover The Wheel of Time: Prophecies of the Dragon

This item will be published in March 2002. You may order it now and it will be shipped to you when it arrives. Paperback - 192 pages
List Price: 29.95   Our Price: 20.96   Purchase from Amazon

cover The Wheel of Time [SOUNDTRACK]

Tracks are from the computer game, plus others. The music is inappropriate for a "true" Wheel of Time setting.. synthbass and electric guitars aren't exactly evocative of Randland. But it is a good CD, for those who like progressive rock. Someone called it a 'celtic Pink Floyd', which sums it up nicely. Think an edgier Enya. Robert Berry does a fantastic job of setting mandolins and violins to rock percussion and Metallica-sounding guitar riffs.
List Price: 16.98   Our Price: 13.99   Purchase from Amazon

cover The World of Robert Jordan's the Wheel of Time

Since the debut of Robert Jordan's internationally bestselling series in 1990, The Wheel of Time has transported readers to a world so strikingly real, so rich in detail and complexity, it seems to rise from memory rather than a printed page. This essential companion to The Wheel of Time is for the millions interested in the history and the background of this incredible series-never-before-told legends, previously unknown peoples and lands, exotic beasts, and portents of what may come to pass. With more than seventy new full-color paintings that include stunning new world maps, portraits of the central characters, landscapes, objects of Power, and national flags, this comprehensive guide is indispensable to any Robert Jordan fan.
List Price: 39.95   Our Price: 27.96   Purchase from Amazon

cover Legends 3

Acclaimed writer and editor Robert Silverberg gathered 11 of the finest writers in fantasy to contribute to this collection of short novels. Each of the writers was asked to write a new story based on one of his or her most famous series, and the results are wonderful. From Stephen King's opening piece set in his popular Gunslinger universe to Robert Jordan's early look at his famed Wheel of Time saga, each of these stories is exceptionally well written and universally well told. The authors here include King, Jordan, and Silverberg himself, as well as Terry and Lyn Pratchett, Terry Goodkind, Orson Scott Card, Ursula K. Le Guin, Tad Williams, George R.R. Martin, Anne McCaffrey, and Raymond E. Feist. This is not only a great book in and of itself, but it's also a perfect way for fantasy fans to find new novels and authors to add to their "to read" lists.
List Price: 6.99   Our Price: 6.99   Purchase from Amazon

cover [E-BOOK] Snow:
The Prologue to Winter's Heart, Book Nine of the Wheel of Time Series

For the first time ever, a tantalizing preview of Robert Jordan's next international bestseller -- with a message to the reader not found in the hardcover -- is now available as an e-book. In this extraordinary e-book, Snow: The Prologue to Winter's Heart, best-selling author Robert Jordan offers his millions of readers a taste of the ninth book in his epic fantasy The Wheel of Time, and he doesn't disappoint. Complex, richly imagined, and full of the irresistible characters Jordan's readers have come to know, Snow: The Prologue to Winter's Heart is classic Jordan: A deeply rewarding tale that sets the stage for the complete Winter's Heart. With a message by Jordan not included in the hardcover publication, this e-book is a must for Jordan's fans everywhere. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
List Price: 5.00   Our Price: 5.00   Purchase from Amazon

Winter's Heart (The Wheel of Time, Book 9) (Leather Bound Edition limited availability)

The ninth in THE WHEEL OF TIME series, WINTER'S HEART begins with Rand on the run with Min. Faile, with the Aiel Maidens, Bain and Chiad, is prisoner of Sevanna's sept. Perrin is hunting desperately for Faile. With Elyas Machera, Berelain, the Prophet, and a very mixed "army" of disparate forces, he is moving through a country rife with bandits and roving Seanchan. The Forsaken are ever more present, and united, and the man called Slayer stalks Tel'aran'rhiod and the wolfdream. In Ebou Dar, the Seanchan princess known as Daughter of the Nine Moons arrives - and Mar, who has been recuperating in the Tarasin Palace, is introduced to her. Will the marriage that has been foretold come about?
List Price: 307.50   leather bound limited edition   Purchase from Amazon

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