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There's a vast array of products available that enhance and compliment Campaign Suite or simply interest our customers. Realizing that we could not become a retailer we've looked for affiliate programs where we could offer the following products to you and are pleased to offer these items in association with and RegNow. Prices are subject to change.


Rings of the Magi

Addictive game chosen by Computer Gaming World as the Best Puzzle game of the Year and one of the top 10 shareware games of all time. This all new version is even more spectacular and fun. The mystics of Ac'Rained have crafted their rings to prevent the life force of their world from draining away, but now their secret art is in danger of being lost. As their apprentice, you are called upon to learn and harness the power of the rings. Can you find the hidden easter egg games? There are two other free games included in Rings of the Magi, but you'll have to hunt them down to play them. Download the playable demo and find the two additional free games.

Please note: Our price includes shipping, saving you money on your purchase, since others charge extra for shipping. The price you see here is the total you will pay, no hidden charges. You will receive a CD-ROM containing the full retail version of Rings of the Magi, including a color printed manual.

List Price: 24.95   Purchase from RegNow


Like Campaign Suite but still playing 2nd Edition? Try this!
Familiar is a very powerful role-playing tool for the A D & D system (2nd Edition). It includes a host of features including massive and editable library of items/weapons/armour(everything), class editor, race editor, proficiency editor, character editor, NPC and PC generator, editable character sheets (with preview), spells and magic for priests and wizards, and a dice rolling tool. Unique and powerful, full on-line documentation.

List Price: 27.00   Purchase from RegNow

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