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There's a vast array of products available that enhance and compliment Campaign Suite or simply interest our customers. Realizing that we could not become a retailer we've looked for affiliate programs where we could offer the following products to you and are pleased to offer these items in association with and RegNow. Prices are subject to change.

Mystic Eye Games

cover Mystic Warriors

HERESY! Brothers, we are concerned with the growing influence and power of heretics - these so called mystic warriors. The common folk hold them as saints and heroes. Our very church has been infested with a number of these corrupt individuals. Do not think for a moment that these abominations are not dangerous to our very foundation. They dare to tap into their own souls for power, rather than look to the gods. Their schools are spreading like a plague. We must root these treacherous villains out and show them to the world for what they really are, HERETICS!

Brother Cristoff d'Angiou
Sermon to the Faithful, All Father Festival

Hunted and feared by the Pantheon. Praised and revered by the commoners. In the world of Gothos, there are hidden sects and secret schools where the most powerful arts of war are learned and perfected. Great masters have studied the most ancient ways of fighting, passed down through the ages, and tied it the most powerful source of energy, the very spirit and soul of life.

In this d20 supplement book, twenty schools of Mystic Warriors are presented, each with its own unique history and abilities. These special prestige classes can easily be adapted to any campaign setting as well as the schools of the Mystic Warriors themselves.

List Price: 14.95   Our Price: 14.95   Purchase from Amazon

cover The Hunt : Rise of Evil World Book (d20 System)

“The Hunt: Rise of Evil” is a d20 campaign setting by Mystic Eye Games. In this book you will be immersed into the dark world of Gothos. You will find a new and fantastic land where the dreams and nightmares of our sleeping Earth folk find their way into this mystical world. This unique campaign setting will give you new rules, kingdoms, classes, races, magic, and much more. Play in our world or simply apply all that you find here to any d20 game. Become a Child of the Waking Dream and join the hunt today!

List Price: 19.95   Our Price: 19.95   Purchase from Amazon

cover Nightmares & Dreams: A Creature Collection

Brothers, we have determined that somewhere out in the ether of space, there is another realm, a realm where those who live, breathe and sleep may very well control the fate of our poor, misfortunate world. The Brothers of the Watchful Eye theorize that our world is plagued by creatures built upon nothing more than the dreams and nightmares of that other world. But lo, before you scoff, think about the power and terror of your own nightmares. In order to better understand and defend ourselves from these creatures, we have begun to catalogue their habits and powers. Brothers, we are truly at war with monsters and I pray to all the gods to deliver us from this evil.

Arch Priest of the All Father, Miguel de Bivar
Third Synod of Dunreth

Nightmares and Dreams is a d20 System core book for The Hunt; Rise of Evil campaign setting that presents a menagerie of creatures and items that demonstrate the power that our dreams and nightmares might have on other realms. Although, the material presented here relates to The Hunt: Rise of Evil, it can easily be adapted to any d20 campaign.

Each entry has an original vignette that helps to explain the origin of the creature and also serves to set the mood for adventures based around these monsters.

List Price: 10.95   Our Price: 10.95   Purchase from Amazon

cover Nightmares and Dreams 2

The second in our creature collection. This one gets even darker. Explore the terrible nightmares of our dreaming minds. See how these awful creations manifest themselves in the world of Gothos or your own d20 campaign setting.

List Price: 10.95   Our Price: 10.95   Purchase from Amazon

cover Of Places Most Foul

A collection of horrific, one to two session adventures that will strike terror into the hearts of your 3E characters. Each adventure is self- contained and is run entirely separate from one another. These range from mid to high level as well. In addition to the adventures, you will also find a collection of "foul locales" that will fit into any city or countryside within your d20 campaign. Each of these details the terrible location and its inhabitants with some adventure suggestions. These are meant to be plug-in places for your campaign that will add on a dark, horrific twist.

List Price: 14.95   Our Price: 14.95   Purchase from Amazon

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