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What D&D Character Are You?

This quiz has been fully redesigned for PHP by Twin Rose Software. It is based on which was built in javascript. To take the quiz just answer the questions as honestly as possible, making the choice that best suits you.

From the answers the script will compile the D&D character. The matching tends to follow stereotypical ideals of the races and classes.

Alternatively, you can use it to flesh out a character idea where traits of the character are meant to match the race and/or class or to just goof around.

Other things you can try is just answering a few questions and trying different combinations. The script is fairly simple and can handle an incomplete form. But some of the results may be a little scary. For example: One person's spouse played around with it and Chaotic Evil Dwarf Mage was the returned character.

If there are any questions or comments please direct them to .


1. Sort the following from left to right in order of Acceptability with the left being the Most Acceptable and the right the Least Acceptable.
Just one dot per row ! and one dot per column !

M > > > > >L Acceptable

2. Which of the following is the Most and Least admirable life goal?

 M | L
| Knowledge and Wisdom
| Money and Possessions
| Love and Happiness
| Comfort and Stability
| Worldly Power
| Physical Strength and Health

3. You are given a gift of several million gold coins. What do you do with them?

Shopping spree!
Donate them to a temple.
Invest in real estate or financial institutions.
Open a business.
Find a nice, deep cave and bury them.

4. Which of the following is the Most and Least important aspect of good strategy?

 M | L
| Exploiting the enemy's strengths and weaknesses.
| Exploiting your strengths and weaknesses.
| Flexibility.
| Exacting Execution

5. You're having guests over for a party. Sort your priorities from left to right with the left being the most important?
Please only one dot per row!

High > > Low Priority
Food and drink
Seating Arrangments

6. Where would you Most and Least like to live?

 M | L
| The Big City, full of people, shops, bars, and all that urban goodness.
| Extended Family, the location doesn't matter.
| A Small Village, with a few people and a handful of busniesses.
| A Secluded Retreat or Oasis.
| The City in the Trees, with wooden bridges connecting massive, ancient trees and the houses built into them.
| The Middle of Nowhere, all by yourself.
| On the Road, travelling from place to place.

7. Somebody plays a joke on you. What's your first reaction?

Laugh. Fun is fun, after all.
Ignore them. Pranking is beneath me.
Get them back, but in a nice way.
Get them back, but one better. Niceness is out!
Hurt, injure, or otherwise maim the guy.

8. Sort the following by importance to you. With the left being the most important and the right being the least.
Please only one dot per row! and one dot per column !

Most > > Least

9. What type of people would you Most and Least like to associate with?

 M | L
| Lawyers, Priests, and Politicians
| Judges and Merchants
| Minions and Servants
| Slaves
| The regulars at the local ale house
| Artists, Writers, and Poets
| Me, Myself, and I (none of the above)

10. You are in a seedy bar and a rough looking half-orc rogue is trying to sell you a map to some lost keep. You ...

Brush him off, half-orcs can't be trusted.
Take a look, what could it hurt? but make sure he doesn't try to filch anything!
Haggle and buy it, who wants to sit around in a seedy bar all day?
It will obviously be a fake, but can tell the real thing from something made by a dim bulb like this... you might as well hear him out.
Ignore him, this rogue is just looking for a quick buck.
Beat the tar out of the pesky thief. You don't need bothered with his schemes.

11. Forced into combat, what would be your First, Second and Last choice of weapon?

 F | S | L
| | Sword
| | Staff
| | Bow or Crossbow
| | Sling, Thowing Dagger or Dart
| | Mace, Flail or Club
| | War Hammer
| | Axe
| | Polearm
| | Running
| | Anything Handy
| | I am the Weapon!

12. Pick a Most and Least Favorite color from the following list:

 M | L
| Red
| Green
| Blue
| Purple
| Brown
| Yellow
| White
| Black
| Gray

13. Pick a Most and Least Favorite type of outfit to wear:

 M | L
| Expensive business attire
| Utilitarian travelling clothes
| Plain, rough work clothes
| Heavy, concealing robes
| Furs and Pelts
| As little as possible

14. What would you be Most and Least likely to order at a tavern?

 M | L
| Wine and Cheese
| Bread and Ale
| Beef and Beer
| Soup and Salad
| Bread and Water
| Nuts and Berries
| All of the Above

15. While walking past an alley, you notice two thugs beating up a merchant, obviously intent on robbery. What do you do?

Join in.
Kill them all.
Kill them all and loot the bodies.
Call the watch and let them handle it.
Smite them!
Ignore them.

16. Which of the following would you MOST and LEAST like to have as a pet or companion?

 M | L
| Wolf
| Horse
| Spider
| Toad
| Rat
| Owl
| Raven
| Tiger
| Bear
| Hawk
| None of the Above | Any of the Above

17. Which of the following would you Most and Least like to study at a university?

 M | L
| Philosophy and Religion
| Physics and Mathematecs
| Technology
| Sports Physical Education
| Arts and Literature
| Business Management
| Geology and Geography
| History
| Medicine
| Law Enforcement.
| Politics
| The Other Students' Bodies ;-)

18. Just Pick. One choice per line.

Cow | Chicken
Mule | Pony
Nature | Nuture
Fight | Flight
Fact | Fiction
Soda Pop | Water
Cat | Dog

©Silver Key, 2002

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