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 Nightmares and Dreams: A Creature Collection for Campaign Suite
Nightmares and Dreams: A Creature Collection for Campaign SuiteProduct #: TNR10001
Release Date: April 19, 2002

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This is what promises to be the first of many Data Expansions for Campaign Suite, from Twin Rose Software. In conjunction with Mystic Eye Games, Twin Rose is pleased to bring you Nightmares and Dreams: A Creature Collection for Campaign Suite. Nightmares and Dreams is a collection of creatures for "The Hunt: Rise of Evil" campaign setting and made for the D20 System.

The world of "The Hunt" is a dark, gothic and foreboding place where the dreams and nightmares of our own sleeping people on Earth filter into the world of Gothos (or a world of your own making) by the way of a being of untold power known only as Midnar.

This collection is a representation of the strange creatures that can manifest from our time in the dream world. While a good goblin will be in any great fantasy world, these creatures are of truly strange origin and powers. Each made to be the focus of a fantastic adventure. The monsters you find here can be adapted to any D20 world with ease.

Nightmares and Dreams: A Creature Collection for Campaign Suite contains over forty Creatures and Variants, as well as new templates that can be easily applied to any existing creatures or races. Additionally, you will find references to new objects, magical items, and spells that will be instantly intergrated into your tables and your existing configuration.

This expansion requires the full version of Campaign Suite, 02.04.10 or greater. Additonally, it is highly recommended that you have in your posession Nightmares & Dreams: A Creature Collection, a D20 Supplement published by Mystic Eye Games.

From Game Play News (February 4, 2002)...
A Review of the Supplement

"...if you are running a campaign in The Hunt: Rise of Evil or even just running their d20 fantasy adventure The Pit of Loch-Durnan it would be a worthy add-on to expanding that book. Last, if you are looking for a taste of the bizarre, truly horrible, and a good variety for your own campaign, this book also fits the bill."

"The creatures vary from the really neat that must be in your game, to a few that while are cool, won't be showing up too often unless a specific situation is set up by the DM. Regardless, they are very imaginative, useful, and will provide great challenges and dilemmas for any game group."
cover Nightmare and Dreams: A Creature Collection

You can purchase this 72 page supplement to go with your data expansion which includes the creatures plus other bonus items such as some templates, NPC's, plot hooks, magic items, etc.
List Price: 10.95   Our Price: 10.95   
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Crunchy Bits List

•Astral Abductor
•Bloat Fly
•Bloated, The
•Dark Cloud
•Eternal NPC
•Ethereal Parasite
•Evil Clown Doll
•Faceless Stalker
•Feral Prophet
•Golden Muse
•Grimguard NPC
•Haunted House (Adolescent)
•Haunted House (Adult)
•Haunted House (Ancient)
•Haunted House (Juvenile)
•Haunted House (Mature Adult)
•Haunted House (Old)
•Haunted House (Young Adult)
•Lost One
•Pardoner, The
•Phenomid, Examiner
•Phenomid, Gatherer
•Phenomid, Inquisitor
•Silent Horror
•Silent Horror (Mirror Creep)
•Stranger, The
•Taskmaster, The
•Visceral Mass
•Willowy Woman, The
•Zsibuk, Lord of Snails

•Blood Bomb (1 ounce)

Magical Items
•Cranium Cap (Medium Wondrous Item)
•Crimson Plate Armor (Specific Armor)
•Drejori Commander Spiked Chain (Specific Weapon)
•Elixer of Loss (Potion)
•Golden Lute (Medium Wondrous Item)
•Necklass of Seeming (Major Wondrous Item)
•Phenomid Pen (Minor Wondrous Item)
•Potion of Memory Loss
•Ring of Nightmares (Ring)
•Staff of Forgetfulness

•Call Reaver (Sor/Wiz 4)

•Soul of Evil

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