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 Nightmares & Dreams II
Nightmares and Dreams IIProduct #: TNR10003
Release Date: June 2, 2002

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The second in the award-nominated creature collection from Mystic Eye Games. Nightmares & Dreams II is the next collection of creatures for The Hunt: Rise of Evil campaign setting and made for the D20 system.

This unique collection will bring these creatures to your Campaign Suite adventures, races, and more by smoothly integrating into your database. With over thirty creatures and over a dozen templates, including such handy templates as those for zombies and zombie variants, your options are very improved.

The world of "The Hunt" is a dark, gothic, and foreboding place where the dreams and nightmares of our own sleeping people on Earth filter into the world of Gothos (or a world of your own making) by way of a being of untold power known only as Midnar.

This collection is a representation of the strange creatures that can manifest from our time in the dream world. While a good goblin will be found in any great fantasy world, these creatures are of truly strange origins and powers. Each made to be the focus of a fantastic adventure.

This expansion requires the full version of Campaign Suite, 02.06.02 or greater. Additonally, it is highly recommended that you have in your posession Nightmares & Dreams II: A Creature Collection, a D20 Supplement published by Mystic Eye Games.

From Game Play News (April 23, 2002)...
A Review of the Supplement

"If you are looking for a break from the usual fare of creatures, trying to run a Ravenloft 3e campaign the good way, or just fascinated by what kind of terrible creatures can throw your players a curve ball not only in combat but through trickery, mystery and roleplaying, then this is the book for you. Each creature is unique and has it's place in any horror setting or a DM who enjoys creative antagonists. This is a winner!"

"The concept of nightmares manifesting works in ways I didn't originally think would port easily to other campaigns. I was wrong. Not only does the situation give DM's strong fuel for the horror fire, but the creatures can appear on any world without the nightmare concept, they can be a by-product of a mad or evil deity of nightmares & dreams from your own setting, or even a rift in the Plane of Dreams from the Manual of the Planes into your campaign world."
cover Nightmare and Dreams II: A Creature Collection

You can purchase this 72 page supplement to go with your data expansion which includes the creatures plus other bonus items such as some templates, NPC's, plot hooks, magic items, and images of the creatures.
List Price: 10.95   Our Price: 10.95   
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Crunchy Bits List

•Carrion Bird
•Celestial Head
•Chupacabra Dire Wolf
•Chupacabra Pony
•Deadwood Tree
•Dream Dragon
•Dream Weaver
•Exoskeleton Ankheg
•Gothosian Behemoth
•Graffiti Demon
•Grotesque Devourer
•Grove Guardian
•Man Fisher
•Oogie Boogie
•Tooth Fairy
•Visceral Golem (Arterial)
•Visceral Golem (Intestinal)

•Blowgun Darts
•Fungal Armor

Magical Items
•Dracohydra Dagger (Specific Weapon)
•Potion of Dreams
•Potion of Senseless Violence
•Pen of Deception (Wondrous Item)


•Cluricaun Ale
•Create Grove Guardian
•Shrunken Heads

•Animate Exoskeleton
•Create Carrion Bird
•Create Deadwood
•Tooth Decay
•Arcane Zombie
•Assembled Zombie
•Burned Zombie
•Diseased Zombie
•Divine Zombie
•Drowned Zombie
•Frost Zombie
•Grave Born

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