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 Using Campaign Suite Extended with Campaign Cartographer 2 Pro


This tutorial assumes the use of Campaign Suite Extended version 05.02.16 or greater, and Campaign Cartographer 2 Pro 6.12 or greater.

You can use Campaign Suite Extended in conjunction with Campaign Cartographer 2 Pro to link encounters, communities, and other bits of Campaign Information directly with maps and map symbols. With this combination, you can visually see where individual pieces of data are located, edit them, move them around, and modify them with a few clicks.

Campaign Cartographer, Campaign Cartographer 2, Campaign Cartographer 2 Pro, and Profantasy are (c)1997-2005, Profantasy Software ltd.

1.0 Getting Started
1.1 Load CC2 Pro and Map
1.2 Load Campaign Suite Extended and Campaign File

2.0 Linking
2.1 Send from CSX to CC2 Pro
2.2 Place Hyperlink in CC2 Pro
2.3 Viewing Hyperlinks
2.4 Link to File

1.0 Getting Started

This section assumes that you have your Campaign File, dungeons, encounters, and populations as well as your map file created. If you do not have these created, you should do so now. Creating CSX Campaign Files, and CC2 Pro Map Files, are covered in other tutorials by Twin Rose Software and Profantasy Software ltd. and are not covered here.

1.1 Load CC2 Pro and Map

Run Campaign Cartographer 2 Pro, and open a map using File->Open or the "Open" Toolbar item. This map should be the one you wish to link to Campaign Suite Extended. You must load CC2 Pro before loading Campaign Suite Extended for the intercommunication between the programs to work properly.

You may want to select the Layer "GM Only" for linking purposes at this time, if you wish to keep the layer for linking seperate from your initial map. You should also save the map under a new, modified name.

1.2 Load Campaign Suite Extended and Campaign File

Run Campaign Suite Exteneded, and then open the Campaign File you wish to link to CC2 Pro, using File->Open and selecting the proper Campaign XML file.

2.0 Linking

This section deals with the actual linking of Campaign Suite Extended and Campaign Cartographer 2 Pro.

2.1 Send from CSX to CC2 Pro

From the Campaign Suite Extened Campaign Tree, open the piece of Data you want to send to Campaign Cartographer 2 Pro. Right click on the data, and click the menu-item "Send to CC2 Pro".

At this time, Campaign Suite Extended supports the following pieces of data to be sent to CC2 Pro:

  • Dungeons
  • Dungeon Rooms
  • Traps
  • Treasures
  • Adventure Locales
  • Locale Encounters
  • Communities

2.2 Place Hyperlink in CC2 Pro

Switch to your Campaign Cartographer 2 Pro window. You will have a Hyperlink placement cross-hair. Click one time at one corner of your hyperlink area, and then click again at the other area. It is recommended that you place your hyperlink box around an individual symbol.

Twin Rose Software recommends using the following symbols for individual pieces of Campaign Suite Extended data:

  • Encounter/Dungeon Room: "Evil" or "Dwarves" or "Battle Site"
  • Treasure: "Coins"
  • Trap: "Arrow"
For Dungeons, Communities, or Adventure Locales existing map symbols such as various towns, keeps, or ruins should be used.

2.3 Viewing Hyperlinks

Within Campaign Cartographer 2 Pro, you may show or hide Hyperlinks under the View menu. In either case, when you click on the Hyperlink Box (visible or not) within CC2 Pro, the relevant piece of Data within Campaign Suite Extended will be brought to the Campaign Window. You may modify the data as much as you wish, however changing the name of the data may result in faulty links, and you will need to remove the Hyperlink and place it again.

2.4 Link to File

Alternatively, you may wish to link to a Campaign Suite Extended exported HTML file. From within CC2 Pro, simply choose "Link to File" and then select the proper Campaign Suite Extended HTML file. Campaign Suite Extended does not need to be running for this to work, and you can even link to files located on the internet.

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