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Campaign Suite Extended
Only $39.95 $34.95!
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Buy Campaign Suite Extended at RPGNow.

Campaign Suite Extended is the currently supported version of the Campaign Management Software in the Twin Rose Campaign Suite Line. CSX is designed with default data to support both 3.0 and 3.5, as well as a popular Modern data package.

Campaign Suite Extended comes complete with character, dungeon, treasure and other generators ready for your game. Editors for such features as classes, races, templates and more complete the experience, allowing you to customize the game to your taste.

A variety of character, city, and dungeon sheets, all customizable, allow you display the game in any way that you wish - and all data is stored in XML, making it easy to create your own record sheets as well.

Anyone who purchases Campaign Suite Extended will receive 20 dollars off their purchase of Campaign Suite 2 upon it's completion.

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