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 Campaign Suite Extended Features
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Campaign Suite comes with a complete character generator, random dungeon generator, creature statistics, and more. With thousands of users registered since the original Campaign Suite was launched in 2001, and many giving feedback, Campaign Suite Extended is believed to be the most complete RPG Software Package available!

Key Features:
  • Complete Character Generator
  • Dungeon Generator
  •     Creatures
  •     Traps
  •     Treasure
  •     Features
  •     See the Campaign Export here!
  • Character Generator Configuration Editors
  •     Classes
  •     Races
  •     Skills
  •     Feats
  •     Equipment
  •     Templates
  •     Much More!
  • Town & City Generator
  • Creature Editor
  • Encounter Table Generator
  • XML/HTML Exports
Data Included:
  • All core and creature races from Core Rulebook 1 and 3
  • All core classes, NPC classes and Prestige classes (12 limit for trial)
  • All core equipment, weapons and armor
  • Spell Summary database (All core spells)
  • Basic character wizard packages (Professions)
  • All basic skills and feats, unlimited storage for custom data
  • 650 Creatures
  • Magical Item Tables
  • 124 "Arms & Armor" weapons from Bastion Press
  • 25 complete encounter tables
  • Domains
  • "Norse Gods" Deities from Bastion Press
  • Expanded set of professions for NPCs
  • Example data file illustrating the use of custom point features
  • Free Expansions

Character List Management (Registered Only)
  • Add from Character Generation Wizard
  • Add new characters
  • Add from existing character files
  • Attach to encounters, adventures, or campaigns.
  • Full HTML statblock exports, standalone or as attached.
  • Character List Generator
    • Configure population demographics
    • Specify NPC's by race and profession for a place such as a tavern, inn or garrison
    • Specify rolls for random number of NPC's
    • Randomly generates list of NPC's fully equipped per profession template

Where would you like to see Campaign Suite go next?
More data?
More features?
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