September 7, 2004
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 Campaign Suite Extended - Screen Shots

Epic Level Advancement
Characters can now be created of any level, using the smooth interface included within Campaign Suite to help you with the hard-to-manage tasks of higher level advancement beyond 20, 30, or up to level 70.

New feat sections allow you to include feats of Epic, Metamagic, and countless other types to your character - these are all fully configurable in the Character Creation Editor.

Advanced Creature Editor
The new, advanced creature editor lets you create creatures with far more depth and a wide range of attacks and qualities. You can instantly use any creature as a race within the character editor, allowing you to advance even the most horrific of monsters as Player-Characters.

Template Construction
Tons of new Affects have been added to let you create Templates on the fly that can be applied instantly to any character or creature. These advanced template scripts are a part of the feat editor, letting you use them as you wish without having to learn different features of the program. Feats can be turned into templates, and vice versa, with just a couple of clicks.

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