February 11, 2005
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Data Expansions Catalog

Nightmares and Dreams Nightmares & Dreams
Product #: TNR10001
More Information
In conjunction with Mystic Eye Games, Twin Rose is pleased to bring you Nightmares and Dreams: A Creature Collection for Campaign Suite. Nightmares and Dreams is a collection of creatures for "The Hunt: Rise of Evil" campaign setting and made for the D20 System. It contains over forty Creatures and Variants, as well as new templates that can be easily applied to any existing creatures or races. Additionally, you will find references to new objects, magical items, and spells that will be instantly intergrated into your tables and your existing configuration.

List Price: 8.00   Our Price: 8.00   
Purchase Exclusively on RPG Now

Nightmares and Dreams II Nightmares & Dreams II
Product #: TNR10003
More Information
The second in the award-nominated creature collection from Mystic Eye Games. Nightmares & Dreams II is the next collection of creatures for The Hunt: Rise of Evil campaign setting and made for the D20 system. This unique collection will bring these creatures to your Campaign Suite adventures, races, and more by smoothly integrating into your database. With over thirty creatures and over a dozen templates, including such handy templates as those for zombies and zombie variants, your options are very improved.

List Price: 8.00   Our Price: 5.00   
Purchase Exclusively on RPG Now

Nightmares and Dreams Data Collection Nightmares & Dreams Data Collection
Product #: TNR10004
More Information
Get both collections of data at one low price! Over 70 creatures and variants with templates, items, spells and more!

List Price: 10.00   Our Price: 10.00   
Purchase Exclusively on RPG Now

Wild Spellcraft Wild Spellcraft
Product #: TNR10002
More Information
Wild Spellcraft provides game masters with a toolkit for including the unpredictable forces of magic in their game with whatever depth and complexity they want. Ranging from rules for spells gone awry to prestige classes for those who try to master magic in its rawest, most chaotic form, Wild Spellcraft is designed to be modular, to fit into your game in individual pieces or in its entirety. Use this supplemental information as a starting point from which to develop your own magic system.
List Price: FREE   Our Price: FREE   
Download Now!

MapPack 1 MapPack 1
Product #: TNR10005
More Information
MapPack 1 is a collection of eleven PNG map images brought to you in cooperation with Cartography Unlimited for RPGs. This set of images includes a small coastal town with a sewer system, the surrounding area and detailed maps of some ruins in which adventurers can get lost. These images can be used as backgrounds for Campaign Suite maps that are linked to campaign information. While this is NOT OGC, it is being offered to you for free thanks to the creator, Anna Dobrit.
List Price: FREE   Our Price: FREE   
Download Now!

Interludes Interludes: Brief Expeditions to Bluffside Data Expansion
Product #: TNR10006
More Information
Twin Rose Software is pleased to bring you a Campaign Suite Data Expansion of Thunderhead Games' Interludes. From those who amazed you with the wonderment of Bluffside: City on the Edge comes a collection to expand your Campaign Suite with 2 new Prestige Classes, 2 Feats, 11 new items, 12 new creatures, and more! Whether playng a Bluffside campaign, running the Interludes: Brief Expeditions to Bluffside adventure, or simply expanding your own campaign, this data expansion will provide you with the means.

List Price: 8.00   Our Price: 5.00   
Purchase Exclusively on RPG Now

Librum Equitis 1 Librum Equitis, Volume 1 Data Expansion
Product #: TNR10007
More Information
Literally "the book of the chevaliers / respected class", Librum Equitis is Ambient's flagship d20 product, a book of Prestige Classes suited to any d20 fantasy game environment. Included in LE1 are classic ideas such as the Swashbuckler and the Sniper, as well as several military classes, to bizzarities such as the Corpulent (a priest of greed or gluttony who grows... and grows... and grows...) and the PsychoPyretic (someone who transforms his rage into psionic heat). This is a nice addition to ANY campaign that is easily adjustable to your setting.

List Price: 5.00   Our Price: 5.00   
Purchase Exclusively on RPG Now

Librum Equitis 2 Librum Equitis, Volume 2 Data Expansion
Product #: TNR10008
More Information
From our friends at Ambient, Inc. comes the second installment of the Librum Equitis. The Respected Class are back again, with another collection of prestige classes for your fantasy D20 campaign, all lovingly handcrafted from the best D20 components and playtested to a fine edge. From Yuan-Ti converts and spies, Bardic College spies, and the Blessed Paladin who embodies the warrior aspect of his deity, be it good or evil, to the Mad Tailor who crafts strange constructs from living things and the Tribal Berserker who becomes a lycanthrope while raging. Prestige classes for every occasion, every class, and every villain. This expansion for Campaign Suite comes with 20 prestige classes, 8 new feats, 8 new domains, new skills and much more.

List Price: 5.00   Our Price: 5.00   
Purchase Exclusively on RPG Now

Arms and Armor Arms & Armor Data Expansion
Product #: TNR10009
More Information
Weapons and armor are the lifeblood of adventuring companies, tools of the trade that stand as symbols of power and success over one’s career. Arms & Armor includes more than 140 new weapon and armor qualities (70+ of each), more than 100 new weapons, class-oriented weapons and armor, damage reduction rules that breathe new life into armor-wearing characters, racial masks, amulet servitors (golems that you wear, protecting you when needed), and more! Thanks to our friends at Bastion Press, this data expansion includes ALL of it!! Every last bit!

List Price: Free   Our Price: Free   
Download Now!

Portable Hole Arms & Portable Hole Full of Beer Data Expansion
Product #: TNR10010
More Information
No need to line up for these 10 Prestige Classes, 16 Feats, and a new module from the Ambient Inc staff; you will be able to get your own Portable Hole Full of Beer (this product contains no alcohol) at your leisure from those hoopy froods over at RPGnow! Download the data expansion of this award winning supplement for Free!

List Price: Free   Our Price: Free   
Download Now!

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